Timeless Collage

"We will Lend a Helping Hand!"

"You gave us a great gift: the opportunity to spend our time and energy where it truly belonged." TD


Who would have guessed that two compassionate people would come together to join in providing such an awesome public service?!  That happened, and today they are here for you!

Following their lengthy, advanced professional careers in Nursing and Management, Colette and Aaron have joined forces, committing their lives to compassion and care with their family owned and operated Estate Liquidation Service.

Combining their knowledge, drive, and strong work ethic, they have created a force and have become an asset to Public Service by means of acting as Agents in Estate Dissolution, Personal Property Sales and Excellent Turn-Key assistance. 

Their team assists with management of personal property sales for those who are transitioning and relocating, (for example- moves to assisted living or retirement communities), downsizing or families conquering the Estate of a loved one.  "Families and their goals are our priority!" 


We believe that you deserve the best which is why we provide our best!  Our clients are treated as if they are our own family.  We will dedicate our time and provide open communication along the way.  Lets face it, your family's history is a BIG DEAL!  We take pride in our efforts to assist with managing the destination of  your family's treasures.  Our time and dedication with due diligence offers extensive research to identify the resale value of every individual item in order to pass on and to offer an additional lifetime for your possessions.

We look forward to providing extraordinary effort and a helping hand to our community with honesty, compassion and care.  Understanding that possessions hold many personal and non-monetary values, we vow to treat our clients and their Estates with dignity and respect.  Check out our organized, consistent presentation for EVERY Estate we've managed.  Our continued education and business accreditation help us to achieve optimal results. We are proud to have achieved our ASEL Service Excellence Award, 2019.and Professional Estate Liquidator promotion, 2020.

  • Consistent Strategy & Organization for Resale of Personal Property

  • Meticulous Presentation and Staging, a show room like environment!

  • Dedication with due diligence for best revenue, resale and brokering for fine metals, coin, estate jewelry, fine jewelry and precious stones.

  • Multimedia - Estate Sale Advertising and Promotion

  • The most up to date technology with electronic systems for thorough and expedited Accounting of all transactions

  • Detailed Inventory and Reports for record keeping

  • Distribution of All Contents strictly on your behalf

  • Trusted Resources for a multi-solution approach

  • Senior Services, Transition and Moving

  • Staging

  • Turn-Key Service - All Inclusive service start to finish 

  • Trusted by: Clients, Real Estate Agents, Brokers, Transition Coordinators, Attorneys and Associates in the Charlotte Region

In preparation for your upcoming Liquidation:  Seek a professional to do the work!  Do not dispose of or donate any items prior to your professional consultation!