"Awesome and so very helpful!  First time at one of your \

estates as I usually only get to go on Sundays. 

Been to lots of estate sales and your company

ranks at the top!"  Signed:  D.L.

Via Square-email. 10/07/2020

“Perfection!  Thank You Colette😊”

“You guys are great!”

“Thank you guys again for your patience and assistance.”

“Great items for sale.”

“Helpfulness at getting me around to see the treasures.”

“Wonderful job at our dear friend’s estate sale.”


“We had a great time visiting and shopping with you guys, We look forward to the next time.”

“Good experience. Everyone was easy to work with.”

“Professional, organized, top notch estate services company. Thank you for everything. Colette and her team rocks!”

“My wife and I shop estate sales in the Charlotte area pretty much every week.  We appreciate the way Aaron and Colette Present their sales.  Everything is price marked and organized to make it easy for us to find the treasures we are looking for.  They are very pleasant to deal with and always seem to have good knowledge of items they are selling along with some interesting stories about the estate.  We are looking forward to seeing the next sale.”

“My husband and I regularly visit estate sales in the Charlotte, NC area.  Hands down, Timeless Collage sales are our favorites.  First of all, the prices are fair!  Beyond that, everything is organized and presented beautifully, all items are clearly marked with prices, and everyone on their staff is helpful and friendly.  It is always a pleasure to shop their sales.  P.S. They are always mindful and respectful of the families who hire them to sell their belongings.”

“Off the charts great ES.. pleasure to work with.”

“First class people & operation all the way.  Professional and friendly.  I recommend most highly.”


"Amazing all around!!!!! 5 stars"


"Pleasure as always"


"It was a well organized estate sale.  We even returned the second day."


“Very efficient and thorough.  I was impressed by how much some items sold for and the extra step they took to get the maximum amount for my belongings.  Good example, would be the sale of our old car.  They detailed it and sold it for top dollar.  I think you all did a great job.”

Kelly K.  4/2018


“We, the family of Nell Yates, were very pleased with the work and organization of Timeless Collage and Estate Services.  They exhibited professional trust and special concern for the large, difficult estate settlement and enormous off location sale.  Their expertise, teamwork and integrity, offering suggestions and follow through, always thinking of ways to satisfy their clients was greatly appreciated.  The possessions of the estate were handled with care and concern, were cleaned and presented in excellent situations.  We highly recommend Timeless Collage and Estate Services.  Colette and Aaron, we appreciate you and your team.”

Janice B.  8/2018

“Most impressed with your attention to detail, Your prompt response when called, your communication throughout every step.”

Mike S. 10/2018

“The team was polite, efficient and very engaging.  Our family was treated as valued customers.  I was really impressed on how well your organized the furniture, glassware and other items.  Great work.  Nothing to improve. All was very good"

Bill E.  3/2019

“Your professionalism and kindness were impressive.  You took great care of our items and our home.  No need to improve that we can see.  You all did a wonderful job!!!

Linda A.  2/2019

Impressed by: "Knowledge of the process.  Compassion for the family. Always kept us informed of progress.  Decided what was best process that would benefit us most.  You were excellent."                                                                                       

  Ashley R.  10/2019

"Looks like a great success to us!  Thank you again for your loving and caring attention to each detail that was important to us.  Could never have found anyone more perfect for the job, and you and your team did a wonderful job from start to finish!  Love, Jane"

 Jane C.  1/2020

“We hired Timeless Collage to handle the estate sale of my in-laws property. Colette and Aaron went above and beyond to make sure we were comfortable With everything and understood the process. I appreciated the fact that there was a contract provided and once it was signed, in place to protect both of us and our interests. The service they provided was top notch and almost everything was sold. The items that were not sold were collected by a charitable organization and we were not required to be involved in any of the set up or organization. At the end of the weekend we were given an itemized list of all items sold as well as what was donated. At the end of the sale, their team cleaned the property and it was left in excellent condition.

This is obviously a very difficult process for any family to go through. Colette was professional and organized. She made it clear that she wanted to get the highest price for our items and that benefited both sides. She was kind hearted but task oriented. I appreciate the service and her job well done. I would recommend her to anyone looking to hire a business to handle an estate sale.

It should be noted that there is a small fee to meet with her. While no other estate agents we met with charged a meeting fee, I had no problem paying it as it set a standard of her not being there to waste either of our time. I also understand that she provides a service and that is not free. Do not let this deter you from hiring her. We met with 4 other estate agents and a liquidation firm. Her contract, agreements, explanation and insurance policies were well above anything else provided to us by any other agency. I would recommend her to anyone and would use them again. She is also very transparent about the process and open about how it works. We met with some agents who couldn’t give us any kind of information about sales or estimates or percentages. It is very obvious she and her team know what they are doing. We were very pleased and completely satisfied with the result. Highly recommend.

 Blythe C. 9/2020

"Hard working and dedicated to conduct the absolute best sale possible."

Jeff M. 10/2020

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