Take Time to view our previous Estate Sale videos!  WOW!  Signed, Sealed and Delivered!  Yes!  This Home has SOLD second to our extraordinary team's efforts;  it was ready for the new home owner!  "Colette and her team made what seemed impossible-possible!  Mary Ann O. 

(5 Stars!)"

Plan to Join US!  



Upcoming Sales:

 Preview Link:

Ballantyne, NC

January 22, 2021  7am-2pm

12015 Glass Mountain Ct.

Charlotte,  NC  28277

***Note Mobile Sign In Instructions***



* Sun City, SC - February 5, 2021

* Monroe, NC - February 26th - February 27th, 2021

All of Our Estate Sales are Great!  This Monroe Sale will be Spectacular!


One of our customers stated " The Most EPIC Estate Company and Sale of 2021" We are just one week into the New Year.  1/8/2021!  

Thank you for Joining Us!

Thank you for your continued support! 

NOTE:  Mobile Early Bird Sign In Standard - Day prior to sale - 5pm-7pm ONLY. 

Instructions for Sign In:  Text your full name to: 724-561-3962 - no earlier than 5pm precisely!  One entry per text, please.  You will receive your receipt with your entry number within one hour of sign in.  There is no need to arrive early.  We cannot accept early sign in.  Please respect our team as we work hard to prepare this Timeless Estate Sale.

We will see you at 7am Friday.  We are looking forward to it and hope you are too!

Our Standard Sale hours (subject to change, please see lisiting for accurate times of sale):  

Friday -7am - 2pm

Saturday - 8am - 2pm

Sunday - 10am - 2pm  (Thursday/Sunday Sales are variable according to the property)

(Unless Otherwise Noted)

There will be NO pre-sales OR pricing via text, e-mail or phone communication!

Please respect our Team as we are busy accommodating our Families and working on inventory to offer the BEST Estate Service and Fair Market pricing for our Client and Customers.




In accordance with safe occupancy guidelines and NC regulation, "2.5":

Numbers 1-* will be welcome at open Friday.  Any numbers following * will be welcome on our newly implemented "one in one out rule" until our Early Bird Sign-ins are exhausted.  Please be advised, if you are not present, the next person in line will be called.  We are sorry that we cannot make exceptions to this rule (including spouses or family members). Following; There will be a paper sign in at the front door throughout each day in order to allow entry fairly, as well as abide occupancy guidelines.  We will add a telephone number line to the paper list in order to call you when your space for shopping is available.

With our current situation second to the Co-Vid Pandemic, we must abide regulations set forth by our Governor, Cooper, NC.
New Standards in place:
Our STRICT customer occupancy limitations will be declared according to the residences' square footage.  Our current Estate is   2391 square feet and will allow us to host 28  patrons on a - first-come, first-serve basis.  Please understand and be patient!


Personal Protective Equipment will be provided for $1.00 (one mask and one pair of gloves). Cash Only Please.
Social Distancing will be required in order to maintain safety.  We will place markers throughout the home as a reminder.  Please use caution!
Our Check Out Area will be cleaned following every customer.
The residence will be cleaned regularly with disinfecting door knobs and hard surfaces.
Please use caution!  If you suffer illness, an auto immune disorder or have concerns, we understand.  Please do not attend.
We will continue to provide our safest and best methods of protecting our customers, staff and clients.
We will use and abide payment methods set forth by Timeless Collage & Estate Services, LLC. 

We accept all major credit/debit cards with no additional charge.  We and our clients assume the fees!

Please note:  We are now required to charge 7.25% sales tax.  

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