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"Families and their goals are our priority!" 

Following their lengthy, advanced professional careers in Nursing and Management, Colette and Aaron have joined forces, committing their lives to compassion and care with their family owned and operated, Charlotte, NC based Estate Liquidation Service.

Combining their knowledge, drive, and strong work ethic, they have created a force and have become an asset to Public Service by means of acting as Agents in Estate Dissolution, Personal Property Sales and Excellent Turn-Key assistance. 

Their team assists with management of personal property sales for those who are transitioning and relocating, (for example- moves to assisted living or retirement communities), downsizing or families conquering the Estate of a loved one. 

Questions To Ask:

  • Is your Estate Agent licensed?  

  • Is your Estate Agent insured?  

  • Is your Estate Agent accredited?  

  • Will you provide a contract?  

  • Do you have Client and Professional References?  

  • Where can I read your reviews?

  • What are your fees?  Is there advanced or out of pocket expense?

  • What will you do with my belongings during/following the estate sale?

  • How will you secure/present my home and Personal Property?

  • How will you secure my proceeds?

  • When should I expect a check?

  • Will I be left with tasks?

Know in advance what your Estate Services Agent will do to meet your expectations.

We Have Answers and Promise Transparency from the start!

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