It wasn't long after Aaron and Colette met that they realized they both enjoyed collecting antiques and vintage items. They spent a lot of time in antique shops and malls where they acquired their own timeless items. They soon called their collection "the collage" ...


Aaron's family has two generations in the business of resale of collectibles, and estate sales, which caught his interest at a young age. Aaron began his collection with a few baseball cards and some football memorabilia. In his many years in the business, he has developed a strong appreciation for timeless collections.

Colette's love for vintage items was nurtured by her great-grandmother who often told stories of the Depression Era.  Aaron's experience combined with Colette's caring heart and their common appreciation for vintage and collectible items they decided to put their passion to work by creating Timeless Collage.

Both Colette and Aaron share a love for community service — always trying to help others as they've developed their family oriented business. "Families FIRST with Compassion and Care while defeating life's, sometimes daunting, chapters are the key to our success- for our Families across the Charlotte Region."  You deserve and we provide only the optimal Customer Service!

Colette earned a nursing degree and worked as an Emergency Department Nurse for many years.  Aaron spent a number of years managing restaurants across the country. Aaron credits his success in Restaurant Management to his caring nature and ability to mentor his associates. "Together we can conquer anything!"  There is no job too large, nothing we will not get through, and will assist to relieve and find solutions for what is often a stressful burden.

And the rest, as they say, is Timeless Collage history!